Pat Testing Service

Protect your employees, the public, your business and yourself from injury. Furthermore, protect your business from an insurance claim. Our highly trained technicians will perform a PAT test of all of your electrical appliances at affordable prices. Call us for a quote today.

What We Do

Full inspections of electrical appliances and equipment to establish what tests are needed. Visual and electrical checks carried out by our experienced technicians and a comprehensive report detailing work. More importantly, you can be assured that all electrical appliances are safe to use.

Burned plug

Visual inspection

An official inspection can easily expose potentially hazardous defects that your staff may miss or neglect to mention. Loose screws on plugs, exposed wires, loose wires and even a wrong fuse are danger signs that we can spot.

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Examine the plug for damage

Indication of overheating

Check the three pins are not damaged and securely fitted

No missing screws

All wires completely insulated with no exposed wiring leading to the plug

Portable Appliance Test

Defects internally can’t always identify faults by visual examination alone. Loss of earth integrity (e.g. broken earth wire within a flexible cable), and degeneration of insulation integrity.

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Plug wired correctly

Live, Neutral & Earth the correct length

Earth Continuity test

Insulation resistance

Leakage (ILeak) for Class 1 & 2 Appliances

Load and Run Test

Polarity Test

Industries that we cover

Our PAT testing service is equipped to handle any industry from a construction yard to office blocks and landlord properties. We can operate out of hours or at short notice requests. We’ve listed some of the services below:

Rental agreement

Landlord Services

Speed is essential for landlords. We can complete all tests in as little as two hours.



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Property types



Multiple properties

Office rentals

Businesswomen working at the office on the laptop

Commercial Services

Avoiding disruption to your business is key to us. Flexibility is why our service is rated so highly.

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Commercial Property types







Public Services

Public services are under financial pressure which we understand. We can arrange a competitive price.

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Leisure centres

Local authority